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DJI S.jpeg

DJI Ronin RS2 and DJI Ronin S are our go to gimbal stabilizer as it gets us the best cinematic shots possible. Battery life will last over 12 hours and it will not fail us in any way possible. 

We chose the Sony a7S III because of its incredible fast focusing, dynamic range, and amazing 16 bit ProResRaw color. Rain, snow, or a hot summer day this camera can capture the moment needed without overheating or dying suddenly. Sony really outdid themselves with this video camera. 

Sony a7siii.jpg
Ice light.jpg

Dark environment? Dark dance floors? No worries our ice light can light up the whole environment without blinding anyone. This light is perfect for photographers as well too!

This here is our main important piece of making the perfect video. This monitor will show us how the color will look and the focusing point, also pushing our camera to its absolute limit by capturing the most depth of color as possible. 


Need us to capture your shots in a bright environment? say no more, Polar Pro and Peter Mckinnon released their variable ND Filter to help videographers like us to shoot in bright environments without losing quality. 

Capturing audio is as most important as capturing the perfect video shot. With Tascam we are able to capture your speech or interview in the best way possible. it is minimalistic where we can hide it almost anywhere in your body if you dont want the audio piece to be shot.

Nikon Z6.jpg

Lastly our backup camera, the new cutting edge Nikon Z6, the first ever mirrorless camera by Nikon that can capture your special moment in 12 bit ProResRaw with the Ninja V and can capture your needs of shot in a stunning way possible. We love this backup camera because it can do almost everything we throw at it.

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